Frequently Asked Questions


Are gift vouchers available?
Of course! Send us an email and we'll send you one right back with all the details. 

How long does the tour go for? 
Our deluxe winery tours usually run from 9am - 4:30-5pm. Brewery tours run roughly from 11am-5pm. Time may vary depending on the size of your group and pick up and drop off points.

Am I eligible for free pick up? 
Tash provides a free pick up and drop off service to your doorstep to Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs within 10km. We also provide free pick up to Tamborine/Maleny or suburbs along the way. Please double check if your suburb is eligible for free pick up as we don't always go the same route. Max 2 pick up locations per group. 

How many people can your bus seat? 
Our regular bus comfortably sits up to 11 people. However, if you have a group of 18 people or more, we may be able to hire a bigger bus for the day! 

If I am under 18 can I still attend the tour? 
Of course you can come along for the ride! However, you must be over the age of 18 to consume any alcohol on the tour.  Please ensure you have your ID on you if you're blessed with youthful looks.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus? 
We don't allow any alcohol consumption on the bus. As much as we condone stocking up on some vino for your future-self, please refrain from poppin' bottles on the bus ride home. All of our wineries and breweries are nice and close to each other... We won't keep you without a drink in your hand for too long. Hang in there! 

What should I wear? 
Dress comfortable. We recommend wearing closed shoes on our brewery tours as the brewers will most likely be at work when we visit (cation! Messy floor!). Flat shoes are recommend for our wine tours (or small heels). It's usually a couple of degrees cooler in the hinterlands so a jacket will never go astray during the cooler months. 
Fancy, novelty hats and accessories are also welcome ;). 

What if I get hangry? Can I bring snacks? 
Cold drinks and snacks will be provided on the tour bus, along with a filling two course meal AND a cheese tasting so byo snacks are not necessary. However, if you insist, food is welcome on the bus. 

Other boring (but still important) stuff... 
Drink responsibly. While we're all about having fun, there is such thing as too much! Each venue has the right to stop serving you alcohol under the Responsible Service Of Alcohol laws if they feel you've had too much... Any person deemed disruptive or unruly also runs the risk of being removed from the tour (and left to make your own way home!) 

PAPARAZZI! We love capturing happy snaps of your time with Tash Maree Travel. Please advise us if you object to any photography, or let us know your "good side". 

Last but not least; please be courteous to your driver... They are your only way home!